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New SC Series Scrapers by AgSynergy®

AgSynergy® has introduced their new SC Series Scrapers that are designed and built for the hard work of leveling out fields, maintaining roadways, building waterways, working on terraces or cleaning feed lots.

The SC Series Scrapers are available in three models: SC10, SC12 and SC14.  The featured SC12 has a 4.6 yard capacity and can adjust to an 18" lateral independent tilt, either left or right.  A solid built unit, it has a weight of 5300 pounds.  All SC model scrapers are equipped with Lube for Life bushings that eliminates greasing on all pivot points.  The hydraulic self leveling  feature takes the guess work out of determining what is level.  The SC Series Scrapers are ideal for both farm and ranch applications.

SC Scraper

For more information on this and other products, contact AgSynergy at (785)-336-6333 or visit their website


New Genesis RAZER™

AgSynergy® has introduced the Genesis RAZER™. This is the newest and most versatile row unit in their lineup. The Genesis RAZER is a single disk, high speed minimal disturbance opener for single or dual placement of anhydrous ammonia, liquid or dry fertilizer. The Genesis RAZER works in a wide range of conditions from no-till to conventional tillage at speeds from 5 to 10 mph.

Many features incorporated into the Genesis RAZER allow it to meet the demands of farmers and commercial applicators in the fertilizer application marketplace. The Genesis RAZER includes 20” of independent row unit travel. This superior row unit travel is achieved by utilizing active hydraulic down pressure to each parallel linkage equipped row unit, resulting in consistent application depths of nutrients. The adjustable knife design minimizes plugging by allowing constant flow of residue and soil while maintaining close tolerance to the blade. Unlike competitive row units with angled blades, side wall compaction is minimized with the Genesis RAZER row unit due to the use of straight coulter blades, resulting in true vertical application. Additional features include independent closing coulters, an easy-to-adjust knife holder to keep the forward swept knife close to the blade and easy pin removal on the parallel linkage arms for row unit maintenance. Depths of 4, 5 and 6” are attainable with the unit’s simple pin adjustment. With zero grease zerks, maintenance on the Genesis RAZER row unit is dramatically reduced when compared to competitive designs.

The Genesis RAZER is available on AgSynergy’s 400 Series Toolbar or can be purchased individually. For more information, call AgSynergy at (785) 336-6333.

New TR400 Series Toolbars by AgSynergy®

AgSynergy® has released their newest and most advanced fertilizer applicator toolbar series, the TR430 and the TR440. The 30' and 40' width toolbars are equipped exclusively with either the Genesis TRX® single disk, high speed low disturbance opener or the new Genesis RAZER™ single disk, high speed minimum disturbance opener row unit.

Overall, the new TR400 Series toolbars are built stronger and equipped with more innovative features that help improve fertilizer application.

These toolbars are equipped with a standard hydraulic winch with the optional Integrated Fertilizer Cart. Other features include the hydraulic control of the wing tire position. The hydraulic retracting wheel allows for Fertilizer Cart tank clearance. A narrow transport width of 14' 4" and overall height of 13' 2" makes for easy transport over narrow roads and through field entrances. Extensive stress testing of the AgSynergy 400 Series Toolbars show superior resilience in road tested "bounce" loads at transport speed. Trailing is made smoother with a floating hitch. Row spacing of 20", 22" and 30" is available.

A wing flex of 26 degrees gives the 400 Series a wide range of movement when dealing with terraces and berms in the field. Active hydraulic down pressure to both wing cylinders and row units allows for uniform application. The 30' width of the TR430 allows for 12-row units and has a shipping weight of 25,440 lbs. The TR440 unit's 40' width has 16-row units and a shipping weight of 28,440 lbs.

The row units available on the TR400 Series Toolbars include either the new Genesis RAZER or the Genesis TRX. The RAZER is a single disk, high speed minimum disturbance opener that allows for dual placement of anhydrous ammonia with liquid or dry nutrients. It is adaptable to a wide variety of conditions from conventional to no-till. Each row has 20" of vertical, independent working range. The units are designed for easily, adjustable application depths of up to 6". Oscillation of 5 degrees provides superior trailing in contoured ground. Other features include independent closing coulters, simple knife holder adjustment and easy pin removal for row unit maintenance. Its open design allows for easy access and minimizes plugging in no-till. The Genesis TRX row units offer very low disturbance in no-till operations. In fact, it offers the "lowest" soil disturbance on the market. During application, the holding effect of rubber tracks on residue while the coulter cuts through it, minimizes the residue and soil movement, providing for superior performance in no-till and heavy residue conditions.